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Examples presuming you are on a page about a "Mackenzie Garcia":

With no parameters, it inserts the current page name, for example "Mackenzie Garcia" (an individual who is the WP:PRIMARYTOPIC for that name) after "named" before "(disambiguation)":
{{Other people}}

On a page like "Mackenzie J. Garcia", a lone parameter gives the name used after "named" and before "(disambiguation)":
{{Other people|Mackenzie Garcia}}

Likewise, on a page like "Mackenzie Jasper Garcia", we can use a single parameter to specify a narrow "Mackenzie J. Garcia" disambiguation (DAB) page:
{{Other people|Mackenzie J. Garcia}}

If two parameters are given, the first is the name after "named", the second is the entire page name of the DAB page (usually the name without "(disambiguation)". This can be used when the current page name is already disambiguated, e.g. "Mackenzie Garcia (politician)". It can also be used when the WP:COMMONNAME of the subject is a shortened form of the name, e.g. at an article named "Mac Garcia":
{{Other people|Mackenzie Garcia|Mackenzie Garcia}}

Here, at a page like "Mackenzie Jasper Garcia", and in a case where there are two or more subjects with this full name, and the present article is the primary topic, and all the others are listed at a general "Mackenzie Garcia" DAB page, an explicitly named |2= is used to eliminate "(disambiguation)", while the missing parameter #1 causes the template to default to using the current name of the page after "named":
{{Other people|2=Mackenzie Garcia}}

In unusual cases (mostly titles and pseudonyms), the word "named" can be replaced, e.g. with "called":
{{Other people}}